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EBM-LINK will promote incorporation of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) in health care practice in Candidate Countries (CC). EBM may be shortly defined as a process of medical decision making, in which current best evidence from health care research is used. The main goal of EBM-LINK is to establish the effective system providing health care practitioners in CC with easily accessible and useable evidence Synopsis (structured similarly to that of EBM Journal), evidence Summary (structured or using the concept of Cochrane Library of systematic reviews) and ultimately evidence Systems (including practice guidelines and decision systems directly linked to evidence). The project will link Polish and Hungarian partners with European institutions involved in EBM propagation (among them AGREE, Cochrane Collaboration and G.I.N.) thus building model for international co-operation in the area of health care that could be applied later for linking more CC with the network of experience and competence build under EBM-LINK. The project will stimulate exploitation of EU research by facilitating assessment and dissemination of its achievemnts. It will transfer of research results stemming from past and present EU and global programs to practice. By providing health care practitioners with relevant, up-to-date and critically appraised information, EBM-LINK will influence quality of health care available to patients in CC. Expert groups trained according to the best EU standards and new programs of EBM education at university and post-diploma levels supported by experienced trainers will create in CC environment influencing policy and reforms necessary to upgrade the health care level. EBM-LINK coordinator is medium-sized enterprise (SME) from Poland active in health sector for past 12 years thus the project promotes SME participation in EU projects. The project aims to create critical mass of experience and expertise in EBM to enroot the system in CCs.


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